Chevron Scholarship Exam Past Questions and Answers

NNPC/Chevron Scholarship Past Questions and Answers
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Looking for a reliable study aid to help you prepare for the upcoming NNPC/Chevron Scholarship Exam? The NNPC/Chevron Scholarship Past Questions and Answers are now available for free.

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Chevron Nigeria Limited offers a scholarship program for qualified Nigerian students in their second year of full-time study in an accredited Nigerian university.

The scholarship is aimed at promoting academic excellence and is open to students studying various courses, including Engineering, Geology, Agriculture, Environmental Science, and Business Administration.

The NPPC/Chevron Scholarship Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers are composed of four sections, namely

  • Quantitative Reasoning,
  • Verbal Reasoning,
  • Logical Questions
  • General Knowledge.

Chevron Scholarship Exam Past Question and Answer

NNPC/Chevron Scholarship Logical Questions

Which of the following is the most accurate description of the relationship between knowledge and wisdom in the context of the Chevron scholarship?
a) Knowledge is a necessary precondition for wisdom
b) Wisdom is a necessary precondition for knowledge
c) Knowledge and wisdom are mutually exclusive
d) Knowledge and wisdom are the same things

Which of the following best describes the nature of reality in relation to the Chevron scholarship?
a) Reality is objective and independent of our perceptions
b) Reality is subjective and dependent on our perceptions
c) Reality is a combination of objective and subjective elements
d) Reality is unknowable and beyond our understanding

Which of the following is the most accurate statement about free will in relation to the Chevron scholarship?
a) Free will is an illusion; all of our actions are predetermined
b) Free will is real, but only in certain situations
c) Free will is real, but it is limited by external factors such as genetics and the environment
d) Free will is absolute and unlimited in all situations

Which of the following is the most accurate statement about the relationship between morality and religion in relation to the Chevron scholarship?
a) Morality is dependent on religion; without religion, there can be no morality
b) Morality is independent of religion; religion is not necessary for morality to exist
c) Morality and religion are mutually exclusive; one cannot exist without the other
d) Morality and religion are the same things

Which of the following is the most accurate statement about the concept of justice in relation to the Chevron scholarship?
a) Justice is objective and can be determined through reason and logic
b) Justice is subjective and varies depending on cultural and historical context
c) Justice is an illusion; there is no such thing as objective justice
d) Justice is arbitrary and is determined by those in power.

Quantitative Reasoning Questions

A company has 100 employees, 60% of whom are female. If 25% of the female employees have children and 20% of the male employees have children, what percentage of the total employees have children?
a) 15%
b) 30%
c) 40%
d) 50%

A rectangular swimming pool has a length of 20 meters and a width of 10 meters. If the depth of the pool is 2 meters at the shallow end and 4 meters at the deep end, what is the average depth of the pool?
a) 2 meters
b) 3 meters
c) 3.5 meters
d) 4 meters

A company produces and sells a product for $10 per unit. The fixed cost of producing the product is $50,000 and the variable cost per unit is $5. What is the break-even point in units?
a) 5,000 units
b) 10,000 units
c) 15,000 units
d) 20,000 units

The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 3:2. If there are 25 students in the class, how many girls are there?
a) 8
b) 10
c) 12
d) 15

A car traveling at a constant speed of 60 km/hr covers a distance of 240 km in 4 hours. How long will it take the car to travel a distance of 360 km at the same speed?
a) 6 hours
b) 8 hours
c) 10 hours
d) 12 hours

General Knowledge

In which year was Chevron Nigeria Limited established?
a) 1950
b) 1961
c) 1973
d) 1994

Which of the following countries is the largest oil producer in Africa, where Chevron operates?
a) South Africa
b) Nigeria
c) Angola
d) Mozambique

Which of the following is the largest oil refinery in the United States, owned by Chevron?
a) Richmond Refinery
b) Pascagoula Refinery
c) El Segundo Refinery
d) Salt Lake City Refinery

In which country is the Chevron-operated Gorgon liquefied natural gas (LNG) project located?
a) Australia
b) Brazil
c) Canada
d) Russia

What is the name of the Chevron-operated deepwater oil field located in the Gulf of Mexico, discovered in 2006?
a) Jack Field
b) Agbami Field
c) Duri Field
d) Kashagan Field

Which of the following is a Chevron-operated oil field located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria?
a) Burgos Field
b) Nembe Creek Field
c) Tengiz Field
d) Khafji Field

In which year did Chevron become the first energy company to launch a major carbon capture and storage project at the Gorgon LNG project in Australia?
a) 2005
b) 2010
c) 2015
d) 2020

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