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2024 JAMB WhatsApp group
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Get ready to do well in your 2024 JAMB exams by joining our JAMB Expo WhatsApp Group Link 2024. We give you real questions and answers from JAMB before the exam.

Improve your Jamb grades and say goodbye to the Joint Admission Matriculation Examination. We promise to give you the right answers 6 hours before the test. We’ll help you with tough subjects like math and English.

Talk to students who took the JAMB last year before you decide. Trust us to help you with your exam.

Rules for JAMB WhatsApp Group Chat

Only join our group if you’re taking the JAMB exam. We charge a small fee for our services, and with a subscription, you’ll get the correct JAMB answers 24 hours before the exam.

Rules for JAMB Expo WhatsApp Group Chat

Follow the rules outlined below to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Subscription is required for access to JAMB questions and answers.
  • Communicate directly with the admin and stay on topic.
  • Beware of scammers and only make payments to the group admin using Cash Transfers to the provided account by the admin

Who Creates the JAMB Expo Whatsapp Group?

The WhatsApp groups for the JAMB Expo are made by Bestexamhub.com, the JAMB Expo Masters, who know a lot about JAMB exams. The group contains teachers, schools, and experts helping with JAMB exam assistance.

These groups are here to share important info and updates about the 2024 JAMB exams, including questions and answers for the JAMB Expo e.t.c It’s all to help you pass and also get ready for the exams!

List of Available Subjects for the JAMB Expo 2024

Check the list of available subjects for the 2024 JAMB expo/runs below:

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Arabic
  3. Auto Mechanics
  4. Basic Electricity
  5. Basic Electronics
  6. Biology
  7. Building Construction
  8. Chemistry
  9. Christian Religious Studies
  10. Civic Education
  11. Clothing And Textiles
  12. Commerce
  13. Economics
  14. English Language
  15. Financial Accounting
  16. Foods And Nutrition
  17. French
  18. Further Mathematics
  19. General Mathematics
  20. Geography
  21. Government
  22. Hausa
  23. Health Education/Health Science
  24. History
  25. Igbo
  26. Islamic Studies
  27. Literature In English
  28. Metal Work
  29. Music
  30. Physical Education
  31. Physics
  32. Technical Drawing
  33. Visual Art
  34. Woodwork
  35. Yoruba

If you don’t see your subject listed, don’t worry; we cover all subjects in your JAMB examination.

We hope you’ve joined our JAMB Expo WhatsApp Group for 2024. If the group is full, reach out to the admin using the provided phone number.

How do I subscribe to the JAMB Expo 2024 Questions and Answers?

To subscribe to the JAMB EXPO 2024 Questions and Answers, check out the subscription details below:

PackageDetailsPrice (Naira)
1. 4 Subjects VIP PackageDirect WhatsApp + Password & Link for VIP Package Q&A25,000
2. All Subjects WhatsApp Package (Per Person)Questions + Answers for all subjects70,000
3. 4 Subjects Password & Link Answers OnlyAnswers Only via Password & Link20,000
4. 2/3/4 Science Subjects WhatsApp PackageQuestions & Answers + Practicals for Science Subjects18,000
5. 9/8/7 Art/Commercial WhatsApp PackageQuestions & Answers for Art/Commercial Subjects45,000
6. 4 Subjects  Practicals Password & LinkAnswers Only via Password & Link for Subjects + Practicals18,000
7. 9/8/7 Subjects without Practical Password & LinkAnswers Only via Password & Link for Subjects (excluding Practicals)40,000
8. WhatsApp School Group AnswersPer Person in a Group (Min. 10 people, each paying)70,000
9. Per Subject Online Answer Password LinkPassword Link for Answers for a Single Subject8000
10. Per Subject WhatsApp AnswerAnswers for a Single Subject via WhatsApp7000
11. English Language OnlyAnswers for English Language only10,000
12. Mathematics OnlyAnswers for Mathematics only10,000

Are all JAMB Expo WhatsApp groups legit?

Not all JAMB Expo WhatsApp groups are legitimate. If you’re a JAMB candidate seeking genuine and reliable assistance for the 2024 JAMB exams, join verified JAMB WhatsApp groups through the link we’ve provided above.

These groups offer accurate answers for all subjects, aiding in effective preparation.

If you’re looking for a free JAMB expo WhatsApp group to join and access correct questions and answers before the exams, simply click on the link above to join the genuine JAMB expo runz WhatsApp group.

Once you’ve joined, spread the word to friends and loved ones. Success is guaranteed with us. Join and work towards your good grade score!

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