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Jamb Commerce Exam Questions and Answers
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www.jamb.org.ng portal: Are you a candidate who is desperately in search of the Jamb marking Scheme? Do you want to know the JAMB Marking scheme for all the four subjects you choose? Do you want to know if JAMB do dash a mark or not? Do you want to know the truth about Jamb?

Nkedugists is aware of your fear or worries, the truth is that many candidates have been asking us questions on our whatsapp group, Facebook page and twitter about  Jamb marking scheme. if you are reading this right now have it in mind that you are not alone many candidates have also been in this situation that is why nkedugists decide to write this article.

We are going to look at some common question base on jamb that some candidate do ask which probably you too might also like it, such questions are:

  • How many questions are there in English language?
  • How many questions are there in the other three subjects?
  • How do they mark ✔✔  English language?
  • How do they mark ✔✔ the other three subjects?
  • Do Jamb dash/give mark😊?

Now let get started, with all the answer provided for all the question listed above @www.jamb.org.ng portal:

How many questions are there in the English language?

If you have been following jamb from the past year up till now you will notice that there was a little change especially from the questions set up. Before jamb, use to set out 100 questions for English language but now they change the pattern in 2017 whereby is 60 questions you are to answer.

How many questions are there in the other three subjects?

By now you should be able to know that you are to choose only four key subjects when preparing for Jamb, whereby English is compulsory and fix for you while only three subjects are left for you to choose from.

The remaining three subjects are your optional subjects to fill, so be it any course you want to apply for you have only three subjects to join with the compulsory English language. So you should be expecting 40 questions from each subject. Note that all these changes started in 2017.

How do they mark ✔✔ the English language?

Actually, up till now no concrete marking scheme that was made for the English Language, the report that reached us was that each question carries 1.5 marks apart from the comprehension passage. So when you calculate it yourself you will be getting 90marks. www.jamb.org.ng portal

for instance

1 question x  1.5 = 1.5

60 question x 1.5 = 90… been that it carries 90mark then your passage is where the addition mark comes in, to make it 100mark.

How do they mark ✔✔ the other three subject?

The other three subjects are 40 questions for each subject, if you offering chemistry, physics, and mathematics then you should be expecting 40 questions from each of the subjects. The jamb marking scheme for each subject is 2.5  now let me explain

for instance Physics

1 question x 2.5 = 2.5

40 question x 2.5 = 100… been that your mark is 100 so likewise to the other subject. Are you surprised to see this 😒 but that is the way Jamb Mark all the three optional subjects you selected.

Do Jamb Really Dash/Give Mark😊?

Uhmmm 🤣 that we can’t tell because what has been going on in the present years can’t be compared to the past years, as of then during the year 2000 we can boast of our result without agitating for marking error.

In this current time what you hear is that Jamb has canceled some marks, reduce some mark, result release is been withheld e.t.c with different flamy excuses that do not really make sense.

Actually, most students have been complaining about Jamb sending them scores that are not theirs because they use someone score of past years and give someone else that sat for the new jamb exam. Jamb have become something else 😊😊😊😊 very funny but a matter of discussion jamb need to work out.

Please if you think what nkedugists are saying is the fact about www.jamb.org.ng portal and you want to make your own opinion about how jamb operates, kindly drop it in the comment box below.

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  • This is a very serious issue. Can you imagine jamb sending me scores that I never could dream will score. Out of the four subjects I wrote, biology, chemistry and English were the three subject I expected nothing less than 85, 80 and 75 respectively. Because in biology and chemistry mostly, I was sure of what I did. When I got home I could remember virtually all the questions i answered correctly and those I answered wrongly and the wrong ones were not up to 8 question or more for the three subjects on confirmation, but I was shocked where jamb manipulated scores for me on those three subjects to be 63, 59 and 63 resptly. Then physics that I never even had time to attempt about 20 questions they gave 70. how could that be possible. And in the process of checking my result, I sent RESULT to 55019 the first day, there was no reply, I waited till the following day and I resent two times yet no reply, after three days I resent the fourth time and they sent me someone else’s result instead of mine. I don’t understand the whole scene

    • My dear don’t really take it personally or do something stupid take it easy because that is the lifestyle of jamb manipulating people result in what they feel like… In this post, many students have been complaining about the same thing, check for instance, a student that saw 240 as her result, later find out that the result was changed again to 165 for Day 1 writer, while Day 2 was low mark … we will try our possible best to lay the complain @JAMB Office Abuja. PLEASE NOTE THAT “JAMB IS NOT A TRUE TEST OF KNOWLEDGE IS JUST A PASS FEE”any score some students have is not their score, it was manipulated. NKEDUGISTS CARE.

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