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Jamb Sweet Sixteen Questions and Answers
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Jamb Sweet Sixteen Questions and Answers for free for all Jamb candidates are now available. The Jamb sweet sixteen exam questions are now trending online, you can use them for guidelines to study.

Jamb exam questions are logical in the sense that all the answers option look alike or exactly which made it so confusing and make many candidates fail.

Jamb Sweet Sixteen exam questions are not hard or difficult, you can use a sample of our Jamb Sweet Sixteen exam questions and answers available here for guides.

If you have not still covered the Jamb Sweet Sixteen syllabus kindly do because Jamb we set questions from the syllabus. You only need to read using the JAMB Sweet Sixteen syllabus as a guide to know the JAMB topics to cover before the Jamb exam day.

Jamb Sweet Sixteen Questions and Answers For All Jamb Candidates

1. Aliya keeps having a “C” grade in what subject?

A. Mathematics
B. Biology
C. Physics
D. Chemistry

Correct Answer: D

2. In the novel, Aliya sufferes “body shaming” from which of these charaters?

A. Zak
B. Her Biology teacher
C. Miss Salako
D. Aunty Molara

Correct Answer: B

3. Abdullahi, having written extensively over the years on politics, policy and development. “Sweeet Sixteen was his” ________________

A. Fifth book
B. First book
C. Third book
D. Second book

Correct Answer: B

4. Which of the following was the concluding story hold by Aliya’s father to solidify Aliya’s Self-realization?

A. The Mahatma Gandhi story
B. His own childhood story
C. The Slave and the Captor story
D. The Hunter’s story

Correct Answer: D

5. The Novel “Sweet Sixteen” is naratted in ______________

A. Second person narratives
B. First person narratives
C. Third person narratives
D. Second person subjected narratives

Correct Answer: A

6. Which of these characters is opinionated that relationships come with a lot of emotional issues one can bear?

A. Aliya’s Father
B. Aliya’s Biology teacher
C. Aliya’s Mothers
D. Aliya’s Friend

Correct Answer: A

7. What was Aliya’s reason of not considering choosing a career as a doctor in the novel?

A. Because she hates the sight of blood
B. Because passing chemistry was difficult
C. Because of her health condition
D. She doesn’t want to compete with her mother

8. In which of the chapter, does Aliya’s father thinks: “Music is a universal language that speakes to the soul”

A. Grandhi’s test
B. Stereotype
C. Dating
D. Beauty

Correct Answer: C

9. According to the novel, Aliya’s Father favourites singer was ___________

A. Wizkid
B. Ali Farka Toure’
C. Fela Anikulapo
D. Tu-face

Correct Answer: B

10. “For their soul dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams” This excerpt by Kahild Gibran in the Novel means?

A. Parent should determine the Children’s career
B. Parents will determine the success of their children in life
C. Parents should not determine their children’s career
D. Parent should constantly have heart-felt discussion with their children

Correct Answer: C

11. Mr. Bello meets his wife at/in

A. His workplace
B. A hospital
C. A cafeteria
D. A bus

Correct Answer: B

12. Mr. Bello oinion about girls who bleach their skin is that they

A. Need help
B. Lack self-confidence
C. Are bad influence to the younger generation
D. Are products of westernization

Correct Answer: B

13. “Do you know any cardiologist, because my heart skips a beat every time i think of you” The excerpt above is the content of the notes Aliya receives from ___________

A. Zak
B. Tokunbo Alabi
C. Bolaji
D. Akin

Correct Answer: A

14. In the novel, in which of these chapter reveals that “a jealous mind is a distracted mind

A. Drive
B. The letter
C. Dating
D. Work

Correct Answer: C

15. Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet Sixteen” is written in

A. First and third person narratives
B. Omniscient point of view
C. First person narrative
D. Dialogues

Correct Answer: C

16. According to the Novel K.P.C is a social media language that means__________

A. Keep places clean
B. Keep party clothes
C. Keep parent clueless
D. Kind party care

Correct Answer: C

17. In the novel, Aliya’s class mate that refers to himself as “Kings of boy” is __________

A. Akin
B. Tokunbo Alabi
C. Bobo
D. Bunmi

Correct Answer: A

18. Which of these character in the novel often bully’s her in school

A. Grace
B. Tokunbo
C. Bunmi
D. Bisi

Correct Answer: C

19. According to the novel, which of these societies has “Fat-farms”, where girls were force-fed to fatten them the novel

A. Niger
B. Mauritania
C. Ibadan
D. Ghana

Correct Answer: B

20. What Mr. Bello detests most is not saying his prayers on time and

A. Arguing blindly
B. Telling lies
C. Shouting while talking
D. Being disobedient

Correct Answer: B

21. Who is Mr. Bello’s favourite musician

A. Fela
B. Adekunle Gold
C. Ebenezer Obey
D. Ali Farka Toure

Correct Answer: D

22. In the novel, Akin, fondly calls himself _________

A. King of girls
B. Gold medalist
C. King of boys
D. Eye of the eagle

Correct Answer: C

23. According to Mr. Bello, people bully others because

A. They are anti-social
B. It is a way of easing stress
C. They feel inferior to those they bully
D. They are sadists

Correct Answer: C

24. One person who reiterates the fact that brothers could be annoying is

A. Bobo
B. Aliya’s brother
C. Aliya
D. Akin

Correct Answer: D

25. According to the novel, which of this character is described as a clear gold medalist

A. Grace
B. Akin
C. Tokunbo Alabi
D. Aliya

Correct Answer: B

26. The novel “Sweet Sixteen” is published by ___________

A. Masobe Books
B. Lantern Printing Press
C. Jamb Printing Press
D. Molara Wood Printing Press

Correct Answer: A

27. Whenever Aiya’s mum stops being angry, she

A. Starts praising her daughter
B. Sings around the house
C. Comes home early from work
D. Takes the family out for a treat

Correct Answer: B

28. “Beauty is nothing, but character is needed”. This sentence means

A. Physical beauty is useless in the society
B. A beautiful person ignores character
C. Having a good character is the most beautiful thing
D. Character attracts while beauty sustains good relationships with people

Correct Answer: C

29. In the novel, the casual but deliberately planned drive around the city between Aliya and her father was because ____________

A. Aliya’s mother had inform him that Aliya has seen her first menstrual period
B. None of the above
C. Aliya’s mother had informed him that Aliya now has a boyfriend
D. Aliya’s teacher had informed him that she was moody

Correct Answer: A

30. Birthdays are not celebrated in Aliya’s family because

A. It reminds them they are closer to the grave
B. Aliya’s father dislikes parties
C. It is not considered a major achievement
D. It brings back bad memories

Correct Answer: C

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