Post Utme 2020/2021: How Much is Universities Post Utme Form?

Post Utme 2020/2021
Written by Nkedugist

Post Utme 2020/2021: For every candidate who is applying for Nigerian universities Post-UTME 2020/2021, this is to inform you about when Universities Post form will be out, so you are in the right place.

Much research has been ongoing for this and frequent questions have been going on also, and it came to our understanding that most students out there, who want to sit for post-Utme 2020/2021.

Nkedugist believes that any candidate who is here reading this article is already qualified, so if you are qualified congratulation, in this article, we are going to be discussing many things about Universities post utme so get ready to read and we promise you that this article won’t bee boring if you are good at reading.

Let get started many questions we are going through your mind such as:

When is Post Utme Form Coming Out?

If you are asking this question, it shows that you are serious students who want to plan ahead. Actually what you have to know is that all universities don’t release or sell there post utme form at the same time so that is why we won’t rush into conclusion by giving you a date. Nkedugist try to give you an accurate update on any information and if you have been following us you will confirm that our News is accurate and Legit.

Still on the same issue of the date when post utme form do come on sales, every University starts selling their Post utme form and registration during the month of May, June, and July have this month at the mind because it has been so and predicted. Some of the universities use purely computer-based for writing their post utme.

You might ask why are we telling you all this? It is just to prepare you ahead and also give you clues when the 2020/2021 universities post UTME screening forms will be out.

How much is Universities Post Utme Form?

The truth is that the price of the University Post utme form is never a fixed amount to all universities for instant Uniuyo post utme form is N2500 and you can’t expect Unilag to be the same, but don’t worry we are going to guide you about it.

Research has been made base on this information on the actual amount universities sell their post Utme form, Universities sells their Pin which is known as RRR which stands for the Remita Retrieval Reference,  which give access to have a profile with the University and the amount for the pin is N2500 at the bank.

So no matter how the University is known or popular their fee we not be more than N2,500, but other charges from the computer centre where you want to register might charge higher than that amount which maybe N5000. So kindly be smart for them not to cheat you.

Post Utme 2020/2021

Post Utme 2020/2021

How many questions should I expect?

If you are in search of how they set universities post utme then you have to understand that all Universities have there owned different ways. let check it out

Method 1

This type of post utme is that the format of the exam is 15 Maths, 15 English and 10 general paper questions(all courses) making 40 questions in all for 30 minutes. 

Method 2

This type of post utme is that the format of the exam is four subjects you applied for when registering for your post utme, no general paper such as current affairs.

Method 3

This is a type of post utme whereby you are not writing any exam, what they called it, is screening Post utme. So what you will be asked is your credential.

(If there will be any change in this format Nkedugists will let you guys know before the exam just make sure you are subscribed to our updates here.)

When is Utme Starting 2020?

When is POST UTME starting for 2020/2021? This is the major question that is running on the mind of most aspirants who have chosen their favorite institution where they want to further their studies.

The truth is that the moment you finished your Jamb, the practice should start because the student has a few months to prepare for the post UTME exam. Usually, most schools conduct their post UTME screening around the same period of the year, with usually one or two-month differences depending on the academic calendar of the individual schools.

Kindly have it in mind that the post utme starts August till early September, although all universities don’t have the same academic calendar. it will position you to plan ahead of time after all early preparation matters a lot and places you on an advantage.

In Conclusion

With all this matter discussed here, do you really get what you want and did it solve your problem doubt? if so we advise to share it via social media handle below and better still tell us how you feel about this post.

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  • I am very happy that schools are re-opening and that post-utme is about to commence. Thanks a lot for the information, the details you gave are very clear and not confusing at all. To be honest, I admire your choice of words and your style of writing, it really is awesome.

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