Simple Ways on How to Re-upload Waec Result on Jamb Portal 2022/2023

How to Re-upload Waec Result on Jamb Portal 2022
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This is a crucial warning to inform all candidates who have applied for 2022/2023 admission into any Nigerian University through JAMB to upload their O’level SSCE Results either WAEC, NABTEB or NECO results to JAMB.

How to Re-upload Waec Result on Jamb Portal 2022: The new system introduced by JAMB doesn’t allow Universities to admit students who failed to upload their results at a JAMB CBT CENTRE. The system rejects any student without SSCE results as fake. That is why most students who did very well could not still yet gain admission with their good marks in jamb and probably Post Utme because they didn’t upload their Waec result on the Jamb portal

As a matter of fact, your admission may be affected if you didn’t upload your O’level results on the JAMB portal. Follow the procedure below to update your JAMB profile now and the only way you can upload your O’ level result. You can check below to see the simple step on how to How to Re-upload Waec Result on Jamb Portal 2022.

How to Re-upload Waec Result on Jamb Portal 2022/2023

  1. Kindly visit an accredited JAMB CBT centre or JAMB office or JAMB registration centre/ cyber cafe closest to you
  2. Ensure you go along with a copy of your O’level result (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) as well as the email address you used during the online registration and your JAMB profile code.
  3. Once you get there, request for an upload of your O’level result on the JAMB portal.

After Successful Uploading of Your O’level Result to Jamb site, a picture will be shown with the approval. If you have more than one result to upload, then you can do so. Simply specify the number of sessions and add the results for each of them.

Note that:

  • There is no thumb printing in uploading your O’level result on Jamb Portal.
  • There is no stated deadline for uploading the O’Level results to the JAMB portal but to be on the safe side kindly upload your Waec result as soon as possible.

If you have two Waec results that you want to combine and upload on the Jamb portal, then you can because most students did not do well in their two Waec results so is possible to match the result and pick good grades.

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Most Frequently Asked Question In O’Level Result Uploading On Jamb Portal

I have uploaded my Waec result but in the mathematics instead of B2, they mistakenly input E8 so please how do I go about it? If your Waec result grade was wrongly or mistakenly input by the cyber operator,  it is advisable to kindly re-upload it by changing it back.

Do I need to go to the jamb office to correct it because I have gone to the CBT and they are unable to do anything about it so do I have to go to the jamb office? You don’t need to go to the Jamb office whereas there are many Approved Jamb Cyber Cafe where you can do it but if there is known kindly visit 2022 Jamb Approved Centre.

Can’t I Re-upload My Waec Result On Jamb Portal 2022 On My Phone? No is not possible because your phone can’t scan your Waec or O’Level document, but if your phone can scan then is possible to upload it with your phone.

Has Jamb closed uploading of Waec results on their portal? There is never a time Jamb portal closes their portal on uploading O’Level results, it is when admission begins that Jamb portal closes.

How do I upload my Waec to Unizik Portal 2022? Kindly go to the school portal online, and log in to your Jamb reg number and enter your password. Check the full details on How do I upload my Waec to Unizik Portal 2022

  • Go to Results Add results
  • On the Add Results page, fill in your Exam Name, Year, Center Name and Exam Number and click on Continue
  • On the next page, fill in the results you got for your O’Level examination, upload a scanned/softcopy (original) of the same result and click on Submit Form to upload your submitted results.
  • Repeat same process if you wish to submit another result (Note that you are only permitted to submit two results)
    (please note that any false information submitted could automatically disqualify you)

How do I Edit or Delete My O’Level Waec Result I Submitted To Unizik Portal 2022

To view, edit, or delete submitted results, click on Results then click on My Results

  • To edit, click on the Edit icon under Actions, and to delete, click on the Waste bin icon under Action.
  • To print out a copy of your submission, click on Dashboard, then click on the Print icon at the top-right corner. This will take you to a page listing your details plus all submitted results. Click again on the Print icon to print the displayed document.
  • To log out, click on the Logout button.

Please circulate widely to save our younger ones especially those in rural areas from losing opportunities for this year’s admission just because they need to know “How to Re-upload Waec Result on Jamb Portal 2023”

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