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Download TRCN Past Questions and Answers which is now available for 2024/2025. If you are a teacher who is in search of the 2024 TRCN PQE kindly check out the questions and answers here. You are at the right website because we try to make sure all our audience study hard to pass with proper information.

The TRCN PQE questions you are seeing here are questions that are derived from TRCN exam questions with the help of some scholars and examiners. Which could also help you assess their level of exam preparation.

This mistake is really common with teachers, teachers feel they know everything, and why should they spend money to buy past questions when they know what will be set during the exam day?
If you are in such categories get ready to fail, because no one knows it all, but you can get some free questions and answers here.

Nkedugists releases free TRCN PQE past questions and answers or Download TRCN Past Questions and Answers which will prepare you for the exams.

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If you are preparing to take the Nigerian Teachers Registration Council exam? You have to know that the TRCN PQE is a computer-based test (CBT) exam and you need to be fast with your answering of questions.

If you’re looking for current and accurate TRCN PQE past questions and answers, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find a full collection of questions and answers for each category.

  • Category A (For those registering with Ph.D.)
  • Category B (For those registering with a Master’s Degree)
  • Category C (For those registering with B.Sc & B.ed)
  • Category D (For those registering with NCE)

If you want to pass the TRCN Professional Questions Examination for 2024, you’ll need to be highly qualified because many applicants also applied for TRCN.

Free TRCN Past Exam Questions and Answers

Technology refers to
A. an academic institution of learning.
B. Factor for production.
C. Application of scientific knowledge for practical problems.
D. Application of practical knowledge in technical schools.
Ans. C

What does the Acronym “AFTRA” stand for?
A. African forum of Teachers Registration Authority
B.  Africa Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities
C. African forum of Teaching Regulating Authorities
D.  Africa Front for Teaching Regulation in Africa

Ans B

Educational technology refers to aspects of education concerned with
A. Scientific approach to education knowledge.
B. Historical development.
C. Production of goods.
D. Learning.
Ans. A

Instructional technology refers to.
A. Religious messages.
B. Moral instructions.
C. Learning and teaching facilities.
D. Theories of instruction.

Ans. C.

The instructional mode of teaching is suitable for
A. large group instruction.
B. Small group instruction.
C. Higher level instruction.
D. None of the above.

Ans. B

Interaction methodology is a common feature in
A. teaching.
B. Religious worship.
C. Lecturing.
D. Marketing.

Ans. A

Tutorial group methodology is a common feature in
B.Religious worship.
D.Policy training.
Ans. C

124. Which of these is a continuous process aimed at maintaining teaching and improving quality?

A. School inspection.
B. School supervision.
C. Curriculum development.
D. F.l. R. S

Ans B

Which of these is a frequent activity aimed at evaluating school quality of teaching and learning?
A. School inspection.
B. School supervision.
C. Curriculum development.
D. F.l.R.S

The Nigeria 6-3-3-4 educational system was adopted from
A. Britain
B. Germany
C. America
D. Japan

Ans A

Does school inspection aim to fulfill the following except?
A. To assess the standard achieved.
B. To make learning better for the learner.
C. To improve teacher’s performance.
D. To know the teachers.

Ans. D

Differentiate between school supervision and school inspection?
Ans; Supervision is at the formative stage, while the inspection is at the summative stage.

Give five suitable differences between classroom Management and Chalkboard Management.
Answer. 1. This involves creating a conducive teaching and learning environment with minimal physical distraction, unruly behavior, and time management.

Answer: 1. The teacher should plan and use the chalkboard to ensure a neat, legible, sequential presentation (containing only the essential content of the lesson).

What is the relevance of instructional supervision in a school system?

Ans: Supervision is a quality assurance mechanism that helps teachers improve their performance.

How to Purchase The Complete TRCN Past Question and Answer or TRCN PQE Past Questions Paper

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You need to have an idea of how the questions are been derived, The TRCN Professional Questions consist of over 23 different syllabuses courses, so you can get an idea of what you’ll need to know for the exam.

S/n  Course Title Course Code
1History of Education001
2Philosophy of Education002
3Sociology of Education003
4Educational Psychology004
5Guidance and Counseling005
6Teaching Profession006
7Teacher Education007
8Classroom Management & School Organisation008
9Educational Technology009
10Subject Methodology010
11ChildFriendly School Theory & Practice011
12Curriculum Studies012
13Measurement and Evaluation013
14Educational Management014
15Special Education015
16Adult Education016
17Comparative Education017
18Educational Statistics018
19Educational Research Methods019
20English Language and Communication Skills020
21Use of Library021
22Basic Mathematics022
23Micro Teaching023

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