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Nigerian air force interview past questions and answers
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Nigerian air force interview past questions and answers. Here are some likely Nigerian air force interview questions you will be asked during the Airforce recruitment Interview process.

For all students who wish to apply for Airforce recruitment this year, we recommend you to get the Airforce recruitment past questions and answers Paper for free here.

On this page we have provides some answers to some Nigeria Air force Past Questions And Answers Paper. There is no way you can be recruited into the Nigeria Airforce, without passing the entrance examination. The easiest way to pass the Nigerian air force interview exam is to practice and study the Nigerian Airforce recruitment past questions and answers.

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Airforce Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Nigerian air force interview past questions and answers are good material that every success-minded candidate must obtain in order to adequately prepare for the Nigeria Airforce entrance examination. It is the perfect preparatory guide.

Nkedugists assure you that this study pack will expose you to the hidden secrete of the Nigeria Airforce recruitment screening examination such as:

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  • Time duration in which you are to answer those questions and submit

Because your success is our major concern, we have gone to great lengths and have put so much effort to compile these past questions to help you excel.

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Free Nigerian Air Force Interview Past Questions And Answers Samples For 2022/2023

1. A solution to wind erosion in semi-arid areas is the establishment of?

A crop strips
B terrace bounds
C shelter belts
D diversion channels

Correct Answer C

2. High density rural-agricultural population is a common feature of?
A Java, Western Europe and the Nile valley
B Java, the Ganges valley and the valley lowland of China
C the Ganges valley, the Rhur District and Central Europe
D the valley lowland of China, Java and the tokoyo- Yokohama region

Correct Answer B

3. The most important catalyst in the growth of major cities of the world today relates to developments

A Information and service industries
B oil and automotive industries
C foreign trade and automotive politics
D film and entertainment industries

Correct Answer B

4. The level of utilization of resources in a country does not depend only on the population size but also on the?
A standard of living
B population density
C life expectancy
D population mobility

Correct Answer A

5. A concentration of dwellings built on land neither owned nor rented by the builders is termed?
A rural settlement
B urban settlement
C squatter settlement
D dispersed settlement

Correct Answer C

6. A common natural response of people to the problem of uneven distribution of resources in a place is?

A hoarding
B shifting cultivation
C family planning
D migration

Correct Answer D

7. Blantyre, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Lagos are similar in that they serve as their countries’?

A political headquaters
B commercial centres
C major seaports
D cultural centers

Correct Answer B

8. Which of the features is associated with dairy farming in the temperate region?

A it is both labour and capital-intensive
B it flourishes in sparsely populated areas
C it requires extensive plain land
D it does best in the warmer areas

Correct Answer A

9. A growing season of about 5 months, flooded or irrigated land and high annual temperature of at least 21°C. The above conditions are required for the cultivation of?

A rice
B rubber
C tea
D coffee

Correct Answer A

10. The Tennessee Valley Authority can best be said to administer?
A a multi-purpose river basin development project
B an agricultural generation project
C an electricity power generation project
D a flood control project

Correct Answer A

11. The high cost of lumbering operations in tropical forests is mainly due to?
A shortage of labour
B absence of many rivers
C absence of pure stands of trees
D low quality of available timber

Correct Answer C

12. The group of towns most important for automobile manufacturing is?
A Osaka, Kaduna and London
B Detroit, Tokyo and Turin
C New York, Los Angeles and Lagos
D Nagoya, Cairo and Moscow

Correct Answer B

13. Which of the following irrigation schemes is the most successful in Nigeria?
A The Kiri Dam Project
B The Zobe Dam Project
C The Zobe Dam Project
D The Kano River Project

Correct Ansswer B

14. In Nigeria, geographical location poses the greatest hindrance to economic development in the?
A An Eastern Scarplands
B Eastern Highlands
C Western Highlands
D Niger-Benue Trough

Correct Answer B

14. Two types of landscapes associated with highland areas in Nigeria are?

A An inselberg and volcanic landscapes
B inselberg and deltaic landscape
C volcanic and alluvial landscapes
D lateritic and deltaic landscapes

Correct Answer A

15. Two major causes of the environmental population in the Niger Delta are?
A oil blowout and gas flaring
B road construction and pipe laying
C deforestation and water pollution
D creek erosion and waste dumping

Correct Answer A

16. A major rift is crossed when traveling by road from?
A Lobito to Luanda
B Matadi to Kinshaa
C Dar-es Salaam to Mombasa
D Kampala to Mombasa

Correct Answer D

17. Virtually all the rainfall occurs between June to September and during this period, the daily maximum temperatures are consistently over 37°C. This statement is true of?

A Algiers
B Bujubura
C Bulawayo
D Gao

Correct Answer D

18. The leading producers of diamonds in Africa are?

A Ghana amd Zambia
B Namibia and Botswana
C Botswana and sierra Leone
D South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Correct Answer D

19 All the following except one are the communes of the colony of Senegal where the Policy of Assimilation was applied

A Saint Louis
B Rufisque
C Goree
D Kaolack

The correct answer is D.

Kaolack is the correct answer. The four communes of the then colony of Senegal where the Policy of Assimilation were extended include Saint Louis, Goree, Rofisque and Dakar.

20. The system of imperial military rule had its deepest roots in …

A Ethiopia
B Egypt
C Sierra Leone
D Gambia

The correct answer is B.

Egypt is the correct answer. The Ottoman Power conquered the Sultanate in 1517 and took over as the operating institution since the 13th century. Upon this, the system of military rule had its deepest roots in Egypt.

21. Traditionally, the Efik people have accounts of their migration from the territory

A Igbo and Nupe
B Ibibio and Igbo
C Uruan and Ibibio
D Biase and Annang

The correct answer is B.

Ibibio and Igbo is the correct answer. Although the actual origins of the Efik people are unknown. However, historical oral traditions provide accounts of their migration from Igbo and Ibibio territory (to the North-west of Calabar) to their present location.

22. Regionalism notable with … may be said to have laid the foundational basis for the latter state creation in Nigeria

A Authur Richard
B John Macpherson
C Oliver Lyttleton
D Hugh Clifford

The correct answer is A.

Authur Richard is the correct answer. The 1946 Richard Constitution established three regional councils, one each in the North, East and West. This historically forms one of the basic foundational existence upon the Nigerian Federal structure relied subsequently in terms of states creation during the military era.

23. The Ife Civilization is most remarkable for its

A use of terra cotta and bronze heads
B multiplicity of idols and gods
C its discovery of terra cotta (burnt clay)
D use of carved woods and ivory

The correct answer is A.

Use of terra cotta and bronze heads is the correct answer. Objects such as stools and figures were carved on hard stone called quartz while animal and humanity figures were carved from granite and decorated with iron nails.

24. Baptists, Methodists and the … were among the first to engage in the Liberiian Christian Mission

A Presbyterian Church
B United Church of Christ
C Catholic Christian Mission
D Episcopal Church

The correct answer is D.

Episcopal Church is the correct answer. The Baptists, Methodists and Episcopalians were among the first to engage in Liberian Mission as a result of the missionary fervour that gripped Western Europe and America in the 19th Century.

25. The Swazi composite is the modern …

A Swaziland
B Southern Zibabwe
C Zulu Kingdom
D Southeastern Botswana

The correct answer is A.

Swaziland is the correct answer. The Swazi composite is also now what modern Swaziland is, which means that some modern day countries in Southern and Central Africa can trace their roots to the Mfecane.

26. One of the following is not credited with the General Obasanjo’s military regime

A the Universal Primary Education Program
B the Operation Feed the Nation
C the Festival of Arts and Culture
D the Structural Adjustment Programme

The correct answer is D.

The Structural Adjustment programme is the correct answer. It was a Programme inaugurated during the Ibrahim Babangida’s regime.

27. The Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria was the resultant merger of the

A Colony of Lagos and the Southern Protectorate
B Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and the Northern Protectorate
C Northern Protectorate and the Colony of Western Nigeria
D Colony of Western Nigeria and the Protectorate of Southern and Northern Nigeria

The correct answer is B.

Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and the Northern Protectorate were the constituents of the area that later became Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria upon the amalgamation of Lord Lugard on January 1st 1914.

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How Many Hours or minutes do Airforce Recruitment Gives During Examination Day? The duration of time that is given to candidates who applied for the Nigeria Airforce Recruitment exam varies, but the highest time duration is 1 hour 30min while the lowest time is 45 minutes 35 seconds.

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